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Meet Dr Moon Feng, Dental Surgeon

placeholder profile imageDr. Moon Feng has been of service to the Hervey Bay Dental community since the beginning of 2020. She graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S) from the University of Adelaide and has worked in both the public and private sectors prior to joining our team.

Her calming demeanour puts her patients at ease, and they adore her for her kind and caring personality.

Holistic Care

Dr. Moon strongly believes in treating people holistically, rather than only focusing on the teeth. She spends time getting to know her patients on a personal level and always listens keenly to her patients’ dental healthcare needs, goals and questions. Dr. Moon strives to educate patients of all ages about the importance of preventive dentistry, and offers them the tools and information they need to look after their dental health on a daily basis. EXPLORE OUR SERVICES »

Away from the Office

In her spare time, Dr. Moon enjoys a walk on the beach or a good hike in the hills. She also spends time giving back to the community by donating her time and resources to community projects both in Hervey Bay and in Brisbane.

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Dr Moon Feng | (07) 4125 5099