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Lost a Filling? Quick Fixes and Why Immediate Dental Care is Key

painful-jaw-sq-300An ordinary day can turn alarming as you bite something hard and sense a filling has dislodged. Knowing the proper steps to take to protect your tooth from further damage is essential. Here are some answers to questions our patients often ask us:

What is the role of a filling?

Fillings are vital to preserve the structural integrity of your tooth after the decay has been removed. They ward off bacteria and prevent further decay.

What causes a filling to come loose?

Fillings may come loose from trauma to the tooth or by eating hard or sticky foods. Immediate attention can prevent complications like decay or damage to the tooth’s structure.

What dangers does a dislodged filling pose?

A tooth without a filling is at risk from bacteria, potentially causing decay. It may become weaker, increasing sensitivity to food and drinks.

What should I do if I lose a filling?

A prompt response is necessary if a filling is lost; follow these steps:

  • Cleanse the Area – rinse with salt water to clean the area of debris
  • Reduce Discomfort – over-the-counter painkillers can help manage pain
  • Temporary Shield – use drugstore dental cement to cover the area temporarily
  • Schedule a Dentist Visit – make an emergency appointment to replace the filling; ignoring the pain may lead to severe problems

Recognising the Need for Urgent Help

At Hervey Bay Dental, we know a dental emergency can happen at any moment. If you experience severe pain or a lost filling, seek immediate dental care to prevent further damage and maintain a healthy smile.

While temporary measures may offer a brief respite from pain, they are not a substitute for professional dental care. Your next step should be to immediately contact your dentist to address the issue and restore your dental health.

Get the Care You Need Now

A lost filling can be a sudden inconvenience, but swift action can make a difference. With immediate care and professional intervention, your smile can bounce back fast! Contact us immediately to get the emergency dental care you need.


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